The best Lash extensions that are safe and healthy for your natural lashes!

When you come to bloom you get exactly what you are looking for.

Bloom even has a lash guarantee! 
If have been properly taking care of your extensions but you are not happy with your lashes 
you can return within 5 days and they will have other options for you. 

#1. Choose your Lash style 

Your Bloom Esthetician will help you decide 

#2. Choose Silk or Mink  

Whats the difference?

If you have any allergies we suggest doing silk lash extesnions

Mink lashes are slightly lighter weight so they tend to stay a bit longer
Silk lashes have a very slight sheen to them 

#3. Choose Classic or Volume  

Whats the difference?

Classic lashes are one lash extension per natural eyelash.  
Volume lashes are several very thin lashes applied to each lash. 

If you are looking for something more natural and subtle classic lashes are the best choice.
If you are looking for some added drama volume lashes are the best choice. 

Bloom Lash Styles

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    Style:Natural Beauty Type:Volume
  2. +
  3. Style:Dramatic  Type: Mega Volume
    Style:Dramatic Type: Mega Volume
  4. Style: Eye Opener Type: Volume
    Style: Eye Opener Type: Volume
  5. Natural, Classic and Volume
    Natural, Classic and Volume
  6. +
  7. Style: Just Winging It Type: Classic
    Style: Just Winging It Type: Classic
  8. +
  9. +
  10. +

$175 Full Set
$69 2-3 week refill
$89 4 week refill 
(must have 20% of lashes to consider the rate a refill)

Add Volume to any look 

Proper Lash Aftercare is a must! 

  1. Lash Wand
     Lash Wand
    Our signature lash wand keeps lash extensions perfect. Lid on lash wand keep wand lint free. Perfect for travel!
  2. Lash Bath
    Lash Bath
    Cleansing your lashes daily is a must! If not your lashes will shed very quickly. Please ask your lash specialist how to properly clean your lash extensions.
  3. Lash Sealer
    Lash Sealer
    A must-have for any lash lover wanting longer-lasting extensions. Seals lash fibers to protect them from moisture, oil, makeup, and other debris. Gentle formula that protects and seals lash extensions from moisture, oil and dirt.