Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush


Glides through lashes and feels so good!

Our Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for brushing through your lash extensions to remove build-up. This brush doesn’t get stuck on extensions like cotton does. The round shape was designed for extensions made with both short and long hair and really cleans through the lashes. 

Pro Tip: Use when cleansing with both the shampoo and makeup remover to really get in there and leave your lashes squeaky clean. 


- Wooden handle 

- Made with pink and white extremely soft synthetic hairs - no animal products here!

- Made specifically for cleansing lash extensions, no mere shadow brush will compare 

Rounded brush with tiny hairs surrounding the tip of the brush for deep cleansing between every lash. 

Two sizes available: a large cleansing brush or a smaller brush with a mascara wand on the other side so you can cleanse and brush in one easy step. The duo is great for Classic Extensions and the larger brush is great for Volume Extensions!

Use with lash shampoo and makeup remover. 

Pro Tip: Let’s let Sarah, Fringe’s founder, say it in her own words, “This deep clean feels amazinggggg! It’s so hard because you cant touch or rub your eyes so it’s such a treat. I clean mine forever just cause it feels so dang good!”

Directions: Use with lash shampoo. Our Cleansing Brush is made with special bristles in all lengths so each and every lash is throughly cleansed. The brush does not soak up product so it doesn’t hold bacteria or waste product.

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