Lash Wand

Lash Wand


A million reasons why it’s better than the disposable kind. We’ll give you a few…

Let’s be honest, those disposable lash wands pick up dirt, lint, crumbs and who knows when else when they’re thrown at the bottom of a bag. We came up with the solution - your lashes will thank you. 

Our Lash Wand comes in a metal carrier with a lid on it so that you can close it off and keep it germ free. 

The stylish crystal carrier comes in pink or white. 

The brush shape was designed especially for lash extensions - made to reach in these and hardest to reach parts of your eyelashes. 


- Available in pink and white

- Made of Metal for easy cleaning 

- Bristles are made of Synthetic silk fibers

- Crystal handle 

Pro Tip: Can be carried with you whenever you want for an as needed brush. Great for after the shower to separate them and be sure they’re perfect. Use anti-bacterial soap to cleanse as needed.

Directions: Use to brush lashes daily. 

Crystal Carrier Color:
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