Eyeliner Powder

Eyeliner Powder


Finally, an extension-safe eyeliner for cat eyes, smokey vibes or whatever your go-to look is.

Available in super, super jet black or dark, dark brown, you can - of course - use this eyeliner with lash extensions. Our Eyeliner Powder was created as a safe way to pair that smudgy or slick eyeliner look you love with your extensions and it’s totally safe for your extensions because it’s oil free and made for lash extension wearers.  


  • comes in a pot

  • available in black and brown

  • oil free

  • not tested on animals 

  • made for lash extensions 

  • fragrance free 

Brush comes separately.

Pro Tip: You may be tempted to use your old favorite eyeliner (we’re sure this will be your new favorite!) when you have lash extensions but you don’t want to use anything with smear to it  because those oils are bad for the lashes - so this is the answer! It’s a powder that can be still be blended out or left with straighter edges. 

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