Made from a silk powder that won’t rub or flake off and will protect your extensions

“I love our mascara!” Fringe founder Sara Pena gets so excited when asked about the mascara you can’t get her to end a sentence without an exclamation mark. 

Made mostly of silk powder, this mascara clings to the lash when you want it to and comes off without scrubbing when you’re ready for that. The formula was developed especially for lash extensions and even the mascara wand was designed with the brush’s bristles more spaced out to help it glide through extensions. It’s not flaky, not oily and the perfect mascara for extensions or natural lashes. 


  • made mainly of silk and charcoal 

  • jet black color

  • oil free

  • not tested on animals 

  • made for lash extensions 

  • fragrance free 

Pro Tip: You should never use a regular mascara when you have on lash extensions, even just for your natural bottom lashes - when you blink it will rub off onto the extensions. You can however, use our mascara! Use it on the lash extensions, use it on your bottom lashes, it’s a safe way to get that extra glam and lift from mascara without worrying about damaging or rubbing off your lashes trying to get it off. 

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