Protective Lash Sealer

Protective Lash Sealer


A strong bond between you and the lashes you love

Our Lash Sealer goes on your lash extensions and creates a barrier between free radicals and your lash extensions. With just the wave of a wand or a slick across the lash line, it keeps dirt from the air, dust and your own natural oils off of your lashes by creating a bonding seal. 

Prefect for Classic or Volume lashes. Apply with the mascara-like brush onto your lashes. Fringe sealer come in clear for a more natural look or black for a little added darkness to the lash line.

Apply only ONE COAT of the Fringe sealer every three days. If multiple coats are applied it can clump up the lashes or close your beautiful volume lashes.

Pro Tip: For our professionals, instructing your client on proper care is a must with our sealer. Instruct your clients to coat lashes only ONCE from root to tip. Using the lash sealer every three days will extend your lashes about a week so coat away!….

Lash artists, your lash clients will come into their appointments with more lashes which means quicker lashing application for you! Quicker lashing means happy clients and gives you a little extra time. Matcha latte, anyone? 


  • oil free

  • not tested on animals 

  • made for lash extensions 

  • fragrance free 

Directions: Apply every three days. Swipe mascara wand through lashes. Keeps dirt and oil off lashes all day long through the active coating agent. Can be used on both Volume and Classic lashes.

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